Black Hills Vacation Rental Cleaning

We see a lot of different decorating styles out here from traditional to eclectic and mid-century modern. Some people go for the rustic log cabins while others lean toward the industrial or unusual. After all, taste is personal. However, one thing we can all agree on is cleanliness. When guests walk in, they expect the place to be tidy and sanitary, and rightly so. They’re in the Black Hills for an unforgettable vacation and that starts at basecamp. This is why you need a great vacation rental cleaning team in place, whether you’re a cabin rental owner or our guest.

Trailhound Cabin Co is the exclusive vacation rental cleaning partner of Lemon Fresh Cleaners, founded by our owners. When we were dreaming up our vacation rental cleaning company, we set out to achieve a few things:

  • Setting a high bar for cabin rental cleaning with consistent standards across our roster of cabins.
  • Having access to reliable, professional cleaners who show up and work hard.
  • The ability to provide paid training for efficiency, career development, and to make the job easier.
  • Reasonably priced cleaning for owners and guests, while compensating cleaners fairly.

That’s a tall order in a competitive market like the Black Hills. After reviewing more than 100 candidates, we’ve put together our dream team and are excited to offer the best and most reliable Black Hills cabin cleaning service we’ve found.

It’s more than just a bed to sleep in.

When guests stay with us, we’re able to share the beautiful Black Hills with travelers worldwide, indulging in our history and culture. Part of that experience is having a clean, sanitized home to enjoy. Team training at Lemon Fresh Cleaners allows us to demonstrate the right way to do things, incorporating cleaning handbooks and a many-point checklist to get everyone on the same page. As the “consistency police”, we love when each bed is made the same, with pillow cases turned out a certain way and the sheets tucked just right. It’s these little things that make for a wonderful stay. We also check over each cabin before the guests arrive to ensure everything is as it should be.

Vacation rental cleaning should include disinfecting.

There’s a different standard that comes with using a professional cabin cleaning company. Often, the things you can’t see are the most important, like ensuring surfaces are disinfected and not just wiped down. It takes practice and a caring staff to do the little stuff like disinfecting light switches and not using bathroom mop water in other areas of the home. These are things many cleaners miss but can make your family really sick, and there’s nothing worse than illness on vacation. We’re picky about finding upbeat cleaning professionals who genuinely love and care for people. Many of our staff have cleaned for years in nursing homes, hospitals, and facilities where a kind heart is a necessity. We’ve also got all the tools an individual cleaner might not, including steam cleaners that heat up to 248 degrees, disinfecting even without product, and we teach everyone how to use them safely and efficiently.

We only clean our cabins.

Our services are available for residential homes, commercial businesses, and vacation rental homes we manage. Why? We like having the cleanest rentals. We set our cleaning fees on cabins as low as possible, often subsidizing the clean out of our own pocket, to provide the superior Black Hills cleaning service at the lowest cost to guests and owners. This gives guests a great stay and owners see better reviews.

Come stay with us or work with us and enjoy a Lemon Fresh Clean!

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