Skiing takes center stage this month of Black Hills activities! Actually, the temperature is conducive to great snow in the Black Hills in February, as we aren’t melting, then freezing, then melting, then freezing. Also, it’s a great month for hanging out around the fireplace, sipping a warm drink, and soaking in the beauty of the season.

black hills in february

What to wear in the Black Hills in February?

First, you’ll want to bundle up! With that, layers are key, with fabrics like fleece and cotton. Next, you’ll want a waterproof outer layer. Also, remember waterproof footwear. Winter chill is real and areas like Deadwood and Lead are always a bit colder. Additionally, be sure to pick up some warm drinks and snacks for when everyone gets back to the cabin. Also get our free Black Hills winter packing list >>

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Does it snow in the Black Hills in February?

Absolutely, February continues the snowy charm of the Black Hills. That said, expect snow-covered trails, frozen lakes, and beautiful backdrops.

What is there to do?

Skiing and Snowboarding

First and foremost, you have to experience the thrill of carving through the snow at Terry Peak. Additionally, they offer lots of trails and a bunny slope for beginners to expert skill level.


Start with a trails map, as we’ve got a great trail system out here! You can rent snowmobiles at places like Recreational Springs or bring your own out. On that note, we have additional parking available at many of our cabins! Always be mindful of your location and share your phone GPS with a loved one.

Ice Skating

The Main Street Square in Rapid City offers a gorgeous outdoor ice rink with real ice. It’s fun for the kids or very romantic with your valentine. Not to mention, it’s a classic winter tradition! If you’re interested, it’s reasonable for a day pass and there’s a Family Bundle too. Plus, military, senior, and student discounts are available.

Go Ice Fishing

Next up, catch your own dinner and experience the solitude of ice fishing on frozen lakes, such as Pactola Reservoir or Sheridan Lake.

Enjoy the History

When it’s time for a break from the outdoors, explore indoor attractions that offer insights into the region’s history and culture. Start by visiting the Adams House in Deadwood, showcasing elegant architecture and historical artifacts. Or hop back into the past at the Days of ’76 Museum, immersing yourself in the Wild West history of Deadwood.

Vibrant Entertainment in Deadwood

Next up, test your luck at the casinos, enjoy live performances, and explore the town’s unique blend of history and modern entertainment.

Eat & Drink in the Black Hills in February

The food and beverage scene in the Black Hills is better than you’d expect! You can find basically whatever you’re craving. However, you can’t forget the classics like a bison burger, locally-raised beef, and something we like to call a red beer. (That’s draft + tomato juice + an olive.) Also, we’ve got celebrity ramen, sushi, thai, fine dining, and gluten free options for you city slickers.

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