How well do you know the Black Hills of South Dakota? Get 9 questions correct and we’ll give you good karma and bragging rights! See how you did in the answer key below.

1. What is the South Dakota state bird?

a. bald eagle b. dove c. ringneck pheasant

2. South Dakota has more shoreline than Florida.

a. true b. false

3. What is the geographic center of the U.S.?

a. Pierre b. Philip c. Belle Fourche d. Rapid City

4. How many Wall Drug signs are there?

a. 150 b. 250 c. 350 d. 500 e. who’s counting?

5. What’s the South Dakota state population?

a. 375,000 b. 739,000 c. 885,000 d. 1,214,000

6. What’s the best attendance of the Sturgis Rally?

a. 375,000 b. 739,000 c. 885,000 d. 1,214,000

7. The state of South Dakota was founded in:

a. 1776 b. 1843 c. 1889 d. 1902

8. Ringneck Pheasants are native to which region?

a. Midwest, U.S. b. East Asia c. South America

9. Mammoth fossils are still being excavated here.

a. true b. false

10. What is the highest peak between the Rockies and the European Alps?

a. Crow Peak b. Black Elk Peak c. Mount Rushmore

11. How many acres do the Black Hills span?

a. 88,000 b. 250,000 c. 885,000 d. 1,214,000

12. How deep is Pactola Lake?

a. 45 feet b. 60 feet c. 95 feet d. 150 feet

13. Which is the world’s third longest cave?

a. Wind Cave b. Jewel Cave c. Wonderland Cave

Get the Answers

1c. ringneck pheasant; 2a. true; 3c. Belle Fourche; 4 c. 350; 5 c. 885,000 ; 6b. 739,000; 7 – c. 1889; 8b. East Asia; 9a. true; 10b. Black Elk Peak ; 11d. 1,214,000; 12d. 150 feet; 13 – b. Jewel Cave

How did you do?? Tell us in the comments!

1-4 correct: You’d better visit…

6-8 correct: You either know the area or you’re a really good guesser.

9-13 correct: Are you local? You’re definitely local.

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