Greystone is a custom Black Hills cabin that’s a study in detail. It features towering 20′ ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, infinity heated floors, wood-burning fireplaces, three living rooms, a wet bar. Plus, watch the stars from the bubbling hot tub or enjoy the incredible private panoramic views of the canyon. Greystone’s estate sleeps 25 guests comfortably between the main lodge and the guest house, connected by an underground mine shaft. Here are some insider secrets behind what we’d consider the weirdest cabin in the Black Hills, to celebrate two years of managing this incredible retreat!

weirdest cabin in the black hills

First, let’s talk about the mine shaft tunnel leading to the guest house.

We like when they skip straight to the recipe, so we’ll get to the good stuff too. Beneath the great room, an underground passageway connects the main lodge with the guest house, formally known as The HideOut. The design is reminiscent of the old mining shafts which the Black Hills is known for. The tunnel offers a feeling of inclusivity for the guest house visitors while giving them their own quiet, secluded space. Once you reach The HideOut, you’ll find additional lodging for 7 including a full kitchen, dining, and living space. This makes it a great suite for the in-law’s or anyone else who might enjoy some extra space.

Plus, the HideOut has the owner’s favorite nook in the whole house – a cot with an oversized window, overlooking the beautiful canyon below. Cell phone service doesn’t quite reach the HideOut, nor does internet, making it a peaceful place to curl up with a book and forget the world.

Greystone Cabin Near Terry Peak, SD

We can thank Pinterest for the unusual features that make this the weirdest cabin we’ve seen.

The owners decorated and furnished the cabin themselves, fusing rustic charm and Wild West nuances. To start with, the front door is hand-hewn and custom-built, along with most of the home. Additionally, the fireplace and matching stove hood are made of hot rolled steel, the edges welded and rough ground. The owners wanted to preserve the view from the 12 x 6′ kitchen window and installed hand-welded vents behind the sink prevent condensation while cooking, doing dishes, or running the dishwasher. Plus, they’re passionate about sourcing locally. In fact, the owners chop the firewood onsite when there are trees to clean up, sometimes with Shane’s help, or purchase it in the community.

Incredible Unusual Cabins

More custom pieces include the foyer’s Edison bulb chandelier, concrete countertops, dining tables, the floating staircase and the railings, upstairs barn doors, basement log sink, the garage doors, and rain gutters. Instead of traditional wall treatments, you’ll find every surface lovingly adorned with custom heat-treated metals, birch branches sourced from the property, and rescued woods from the Midwest. As to where they got their design ideas – Pinterest scrolling, a great builder, and prior experience designing vacation homes.

Wall treatments that aren't sheetrock

Next, we’re big on restored, sustainable materials.

Century-old salvaged wood graces the common areas of the main cabin. Actually, it was rescued from old barns in Missouri – look closely and you’ll see the original nails. Additionally, antique building hardware salvaged from a winch house provide structural support and style. Next, reclaimed galvanized steel is the primary metal throughout the home. Additionally, the owners even concocted their own stain, giving a warmer tone throughout the main living space. They credit their builder for rolling with their ideas and giving Greystone its character.

custom cabin ideas

Last, the grey stone behind Greystone.

When they first scouted the 10-acre lot, the owners walked the land, looked out into the canyon, and were taken with a particular landmark: the monumental boulder they endearingly named the Grey Stone. As the project progressed, this became the inspiration for the name and aesthetic of the cabin. Today, when you enter the front door and look through the glass windows, the grey stone is the first thing you see, just as it’s always been.

black hills cabin with a view

Our final thoughts on the weirdest cabin in the Black Hills.

We love managing unusual places, where you can tell the designer had fun with it. Our vote for the weirdest cabin offers guests an unforgettable stay surrounded by nature’s beauty. However, our cabin portfolio doesn’t stop there – it encompasses all of the wild and the wonderful the Black Hills has to offer! Explore our options from rustic charm, modern elegance, and all of the places in between.

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