April is a lively, transitional month as the Black Hills shed their winter coat for the warmer months. Actually, it’s a favorite amongst nature enthusiasts! So come on out and enjoy comfortable temperatures, fresh leaves on the trees, wildlife, and wide open hiking trails. Here’s what you’ll love about visiting the Black Hills in April.

Black hills in april

Wear light layers in the Black Hills in April.

First, we’ll always recommend packing a heavy coat and boots. That’s because our forecast can change quickly. However, generally, you can expect pretty great weather in April. As the month progresses, snowfall becomes less frequent and the landscape becomes greener. Birkenstocks and rain jackets are the classic pairing this month. Also get our free Black Hills winter packing list >>

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What is there to do in the Black Hills in April?

Nature Walks

First, explore scenic paths, such as those leading to Black Elk Peak or Sylvan Lake. Along the way, you’ll have the trails mostly to yourselves. While you prepare, check out our favorite hiking trails >>

See the Wildlife

As the snow recedes, wildlife becomes more active. Watch for Big Horn sheep, bison, deer, and more amidst the changing landscape. Additionally, we’ve seen elk almost a dozen times over the past few years! If you’re looking for elk specifically, try driving the backroads and remote areas. In fact, there’s a small herd that hangs out near Beaver Creek Lodge. Also, Custer State Park is a favorite and the kids will love the Wildlife Loop.

Spring Festivities in the Black Hills in April

At last, the social scene perks up with fun events happening all over the hills. That’s another reason it’s a great time to visit! Join us for live music, offerings from local artisans, and seasonal celebrations.

Farmers Markets

While the Black Hills Farmers Market runs all year long, most of the smaller towns’ markets are seasonal. However, some start to kick off in April and it’s a great way to really get to know the area.

Enjoy Great Food

While we’re a small region, population-wise, the food options in the Black Hills are worth traveling for! Actually, we’ve got just about whatever you’re craving from ethnic dishes to Midwest staples and even gluten free options.

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