As anyone who’s ever been to an “all you can eat” buffet can tell you, bigger isn’t always better. When “more” means mediocre, sometimes you’d rather have less. The same goes for Black Hills cabin rental management. Here’s why we think we’re a better fit for owners and your guests.

1. We’re competitive when it comes to service.

Trusting anyone with the well-being of your investment is a big ask, one that we don’t take lightly. Anybody can manage a vacation rental but managing it really well takes time and an obsessive attention to detail. We focus on the little things that help your cabin list more effectively, stay maintained better, and offer a higher value to guests. We watch for small repairs before they become big problems, check in throughout the customer’s stay, excel at branding, and we’re always looking for ways to innovate.

Additionally, we treat our owners just as well! Our customers are known to come home to flowers, coffee, and treats often when they come to the Black Hills to visit. We’d rather you leave the dirty work to us and enjoy your time and the space you’ve invested in.

2. You aren’t just a number to us.

We manage vacation rentals we feel passionate about and treat each home like it’s our own. Our goal is to stop in prior to each guest arrival, we’re there after storms checking for damage, and we check in between stays to ensure everything functions as it should. We handle most repairs ourselves, so you don’t have to hire them out, and we can usually be there at a moment’s notice. We care for your guests like a 4-star hotel would, with concierge service, optional upgrades, and a friendly voice reassuring them if the electricity goes out during a winter storm. All of these tasks take time and a high-touch level of service.

3. We’re flexible with the arrangements.

Your home isn’t a Walmart-type product and it shouldn’t be given a Walmart management strategy. We’re happy to meet at your property to talk through the intricacies that are unique to your home and craft a management plan around your needs. Whether you’d like to cater to weddings or avoid group gatherings altogether, we’re eager to help. All situations are different and we take an approach with each property that reflects your goals and interests. We also have some unique, trade-secret ideas to optimize your guest experience. (Grant us a meeting and we’d love to share the details!)

4. There’s no hidden fees, either.

The Wild West was built on hard work and Midwestern manners. You shouldn’t have to read the fine print to know what you’re signing on for. We’re big on transparency. You’ll find many cabin rental management companies with the strategy of charging low rates upfront but making up for it with a multitude of hidden fees that an owner wouldn’t expect. On the other hand, we’re not looking to make our money on markups and fees. We say what we do and we do what we say.

5. We know the locals – and the locals know us.

It’s important to us to hire locally, pay top dollar, and treat our people well. We have an abundance of cleaning staff on retainer to show for it and if there were a Cleaning Olympics in town, we’d like our odds. This is a good thing for owners, who won’t have the headache of dealing with bad reviews on a poorly cleaned cabin. It also makes it easier to spot damage between stays and remedy it. In addition to great cleaners, we’ve built relationships with local electricians, hot tub maintenance personnel, and general fixers who are critical to maintaining a cabin.

All this to say, sure, a large property management company paints a pretty picture. Beneath the brush strokes, what most people find is complacency, not going the extra mile, and more turning a profit. (Which you might see reflected in the reviews.) When a cabin property management company overextends itself, details fall through the cracks.

At TrailHound Cabin Co, we’re passionate about giving the best care to owners and guests. We think it’s the little details that set our company, and your cabin, apart from the rest. We’re the only all-inclusive property management company in the Black Hills and we’d love to work with you!

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