There’s a hum of excitement in the air as the temperature rises, skiing is still great, and the hills reawaken with the first look at spring. It’s a busy time for the Black Hills in March!

Black Hills in March

What’s the weather like in the Black Hills in March?

While the average high is around 40 degrees, it’s a big improvement over the previous winter months. Actually, our March feels pretty sunny and you’ll want to wear sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors, especially because of the snow glare if there’s moisture on the ground. However, keep in mind, there’s also still a chance of heavy snow and even blizzards. That’s why you’ll still want to dress in layers and pack a heavy coat and boots, just in case. Also get our free Black Hills packing list >>

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Does it snow in the Black Hills in March?

Typically, it will keep snowing off and on throughout the month. However, if it doesn’t, Terry Peak will also continue to produce snow if needed for good skiing. On that note, Deadwood and Lead are always a bit wetter than the southern hills.

Black Hills in March Wildlife

What is there to do?

Watch March Madness

NCAA fans? It’s a fun time to swing by Lewie’s, Pour 54, or the Firehouse Skybar to catch a game. There’s also sports betting now in Deadwood, recently legalized!

Hit the Trails in the Black Hills in March

March is great time to hike. However, be sure to bundle up, pack layers, and start the day early. Also, it’s best to stick to popular trails if you’re unfamiliar with the area, especially during the colder months. Here are our favorite hiking trails >>

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling

You’re running out of time! Enjoy the remaining snow, carving trails, and seeing the less-traveled parts of the Black Hills.

Black Hills Best Restaurants

The food scene is top notch in the Black Hills compared to most regions our sizes. You’ll find it all from great steaks, burgers, curry, ramen, fine dining, and even gluten free. However, we’ve put together a list of our favorites:

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