Enjoy some peace and solitude in the pines. May in the Black Hills signals the full bloom of spring, a tapestry of vibrant colors, and the first wildflowers of the year. As snowpack melts, it flows into our streams and lakes, creating incredible waterfalls and lush surroundings. Not to mention, it’s when local businesses re-open their doors for the summer season. Here’s the skinny on visiting the Black Hills in May.

black hills in may

What to wear in the Black Hills in May?

As far as the temperature goes, there aren’t many better months to visit. With the average high around 60, it’s about as moderate as we get. Layers are still great, especially if you plan to do any outdoor activities. Also get our free Black Hills packing list >>

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What is there to do?

Explore the Black Hills in May

It’s a perfect month for hiking, considering the great weather and reopened trails. Not to mention, there’s tons of sunlight and the days are long.

Mining Tours

If you love learning about history, you’ll want to check out the mining camps that made our region what it is. For starters, Gold Mountain near Hill City is a fun, lesser-traveled mine. Alternatively, the paid tours around Deadwood are unique and great for kids.

Underground Caves

Another great option for guided tours are the area’s underground caves. While seemingly spooky, they’re actually a lot of fun and are family-friendly. Plus, it’s a side of the Black Hills most locals never even see!

Take a Drive

Unlike many travel destinations, it’s possible to see a lot of the Black Hills in one day by car. That’s why we put together a few of our favorite recommendations. Outside of those, Spearfish Canyon is a beautiful drive or the Custer Wildlife Loop is great with kids.

Hot Air Balloons

Black Hills Balloons starts their season up this month, where you can see the granite spires in style. Actually, we’ve never gotten to try this but it’s high on our list!

Get a Great Meal

Even living here year-round, we never run out of new restaurants to try. However, there are a few staples we come back to often.

Live Entertainment

In addition to traveling bands, the Black Hills are a hot spot for local talent. That’s why you’ll want to watch for live music talent while you’re in the area! Also check out the schedules at The Monument in Rapid City, The Deadwood Mountain GrandOutlaw Square in Deadwood, Saloon #10 in Deadwood, or The Custer Beacon.

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